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At Teijin, we have a passion for exploring and enhancing the properties and uses of our products. But what we enjoy even more is working side by side with our customers to develop products and applications that exactly meet their needs.

We are therefore always interested to talk with manufacturers and designers to see whether Endumax can be of use to them or whether we can apply our unrivaled expertise and experience to take Endumax as a basis for a new solution. The starting point for an innovation is often the discussions our sales and marketing staff have with customers about the customer’s most difficult challenges.

We always strive to support our customers as much as we can and as much as they require. We respect our customers’ requests and try to find solutions to their problems and challenges. We develop new applications together with our customers and help them improve their products.

Our core values are Passion, Unity, Respect and Excellence, which means for our customers:

  • Best quality: We’re constantly improving Endumax, ensuring customers will get the best product we can offer them right now
  • Possibilities: Endumax is a versatile product with many possibilities
  • Knowledge: We’ve developed Endumax with all our passion, we know what Endumax is capable of, and we know all there is to know about Endumax
  • Reliable: Endumax is a reliable product from a solid company; we are experts when it comes to high-performance materials and have been working with fibers for a long time
  • Excel in every way: We strive to be the best, on both product and service level
  • Sustainable: A positive ecological footprint.

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Sales and Marketing Manager
Mr. Ben Rolink
+31 88 268 9374