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Endumax tape

Endumax tape is a thin, ultra-strong tape with a very high modulus and high cut and wear resistance. It is suitable for applications ranging from force transmission, material reinforcement and rope connections to ballistic protection and more.


Endumax is weight for weight the strongest available tape in the market and, due to a low UHMWPE creep and high modulus, it offers high dimensional stability at very low weight. Its low polymer density of 0.99g/cm² makes it float on water and, whilst it is a flexible synthetic material, the inherent stiffness of Endumax provides a high responsiveness and direct contact between payload and operator.

Endumax tape TA23 is available with a standard thickness of approx. 50-60 μm, and in two standard widths: 2mm and 133mm. Standard widths are available from stock, while other widths are available to order.

The preliminary target properties of Endumax tape TA23 (2 mm) are:

Properties 2 mm tapeThe preliminary target properties of Endumax tape TA23 (133 mm) are:

Properties 133 mm tape

If you require it in any other form, or in a size other than our standard sizes, please contact us: we will be pleased to explore the possibilities with you.

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