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Ropes, cables and slings

Today’s offshore rope and cable industry is increasingly looking for strong but lightweight alternatives to steel for use in everything from mooring cables to lifting slings.


Fibers such as Twaron® and Technora® are already being used successfully in these applications, and now Teijin has created yet another high-performance solution: Endumax®. With its high strength and modulus and its low weight and low UHMWPE (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) creep, Endumax has interesting properties for this demanding industry – and it opens up new design options for rope and cable manufacturers.

Benefits of Endumax®

·    Excellent durability
·    Better wear and tear properties
·    High corrosion, chemical and UV resistance
·    High thermal conductivity
·    High modulus
·    Low weight
·    Low creep
·    Environmentally friendly production

The ideal properties

Produced from UHMWPE at a standard width of 2mm and a thickness of around 55 µm, Endumax is perfectly suited for use on rope-producing equipment, and doesn’t require any additives or coatings. Endumax is weight for weight the strongest available tape in the market and, due to a low UHMWPE creep and high modulus, it offers high dimensional stability at very low weight. Its low density of 0.99g/cm² makes it float on water and, whilst it is a flexible synthetic material, the inherent stiffness of Endumax provides a high responsiveness and direct contact between payload and operator.

Safer working and less weight to carry

Unifying all these outstanding properties in one product, Endumax is ideal for use in ropes, slings and cables. Unlike heavy and sometimes dangerous steel cables, ropes, lines and lifting slings made from flexible, hard-wearing Endumax are much easier and safer to handle and require less energy for carrying and handling. The low weight of Endumax-based products reduces the chance of injuries, and with their  low coefficient of friction, high corrosion resistance and high UV resistance, they resist failure due to degradation and abrasion. The neutral buoyancy of ropes, slings and cables based on Endumax makes them suitable for a range of offshore working and towing applications.

Reducing costs, enabling new technologies

Besides making work safer and reducing handling and carrying cost, lightweight ropes, slings and cables made with Endumax enable technologies that may have been limited due to the heavy weight of materials such as steel or to the lower stiffness/responsiveness of existing solutions based on synthetic fibers.

An environmentally friendly process

Thanks to an industry-leading tape production process, Teijin has made it possible to enjoy the outstanding features of Endumax without the use of solvents or chemicals. Endumax tape does not contain residuals from solvents or from the spinning aids that are typically used in traditional fiber spinning processes.

Global service and support

High-performance materials like Endumax require careful design and engineering to bring out their full potential. Teijin is used to working closely with customers to produce the best results. What’s more, because our aramids Twaron and Technora are already being used with excellent results in applications ranging from mooring lines and lifting slings to hoisting cables, Teijin has built up extensive experience in this application area. As a result, we can support you fitting Endumax into your application and we invite you to share your experiences with us in order to continiously improve our product. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

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