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Robotics / Force transmission

In addition to its strength, Endumax® tape also has a very high stiffness. This property makes it ideal for applications in which forces have to be conveyed. Due to its high stiffness, it makes direct reaction and good steering possible.


Endumax’s tape format enables easy winding and unwinding if necessary, and its UHMWPE polymer nature allows low-friction sliding on rollers with different surfaces. As a result, Endumax tape – thin, small and very strong – is ideal for use in robotics, where space is limited, forces need to be conveyed and the winding and unwinding of yarns may lead to problems.

Thanks to Endumax’s unique properties, the Endumax tape proved to be ideal for use in the Darwing®, a dynamic arm support for people with severely limited arm function. The Darwing was developed by Focal Meditech, in close cooperation with our Teijin Endumax team, and presented at RehaCare International 2011. Endumax supports the revolutionary double-balance mechanism used in the Darwing.


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