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Ballistic protection

Today’s police and defense forces need to carry more equipment into daily service. This should not mean, however, that they carry more weight. Instead, both body protection and vehicle armor need to be lightweight, highly effective and flexible. Endumax® fits exactly these needs.


It is the material of choice for modern protection equipment. When combined with light and flexible anti-ballistic protection products made from Twaron®, Endumax lightweight plates enable ballistic protection gear to meet the highest demands in terms of protection, flexibility and low weight.

High ballistic protection

Protective uni-directionals (UDs) and composites, like insert plates, protective panels and helmets made from Endumax, have a very high degree of braking energy, resulting in a particularly high stopping power for bullets and fragments.

Endumax plates have been tested against a number of threats. Certified solutions show the high potential of Endumax for different threat levels:

  • NIJ 0101.04 level III: 15.5kg/m² Endumax® insert plate in conjunction with a Twaron® soft pack
  • NIJ 0101.04 level IV: 35kg/m² insert plate made from Endumax® in conjunction with an aluminum-oxide ceramic plate and a Twaron® soft pack
  • NIJ 0108.01 level III: 17kg/m² Endumax® hard armor plate
  • TR 03/97: Bullet-proof shield SK II: 15.4kg/m² Endumax® hard armor plate

Easy handling and processing

Endumax is produced in wide, thin tapes. Therefore, you only need 25% of the quantity of matrix material conventionally used to produce a UD or composite (compared with conventional thin multifilament yarns). This yields a significant advantage in terms of weight – but also in terms of the amount of chemicals needed. Due to the material’s high stiffness and shape at low matrix content, the pressure needed to produce a shaped anti-ballistic plate is approximately 60bar – significantly lower than for other UHMWPE materials, which may require up to 200bar pressure.

High stiffness and dimensional stability

Extensive testing has shown that pressed shaped plates made from Endumax retain their original form and protection performance levels even if they have been exposed to temperatures and/or moisture levels above the normal working range (e.g., during storage).

Global support network

Endumax is based on more than 20 years of experience in ballistic protection, and was developed to fit your needs. The world-class technical and commercial support that our customers have experienced with Twaron is also available for Endumax. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have. We are proud to support you and are eager to develop new solutions with you based on Endumax.



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