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Endumax® is a thin, ultra-strong tape with a very high modulus and high cut and wear resistance. It is suitable for applications ranging from force transmission, material reinforcement, rope, sling and cable connections to ballistic protection and more.


One of the first applications in which Endumax demonstrated its unique properties was ballistic protection. In part, this was because of Teijin Aramid’s long history and extensive experience in ballistic protection. But it was particularly because of the excellent performance shown by Endumax cross-ply and consolidated plates in dealing with different ballistic threats.

2mm wide Endumax tapes
The introduction of 2mm wide Endumax tapes for ropes, cables and slings applications was another logical step for this high performance material. In a market where high strength, high modulus, low creep and low weight play a very important role, Endumax provides an excellent alternative to steel.

Endumax is also showing its unique qualities by helping disabled people to move their arms. As a thin and ultra-strong tape, it is used to transmit forces in a dynamic arm support that allows people with severely limited arm function to move their hands.

A large number of other fields of application for Endumax are currently explored and tested.

Working together
However, we have only just begun to explore what Endumax is capable of. Together with you, we will make sure the list of applications continues to grow!

Please contact us if you feel Endumax may be the product you are looking for to help you realize your ideas and fulfill your requirements.

Endumax – Let’s explore tomorrow’s possibilities today.

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