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About us

At Teijin, we have developed a new high-performance material called Endumax®, which can be used in products for various market segments.


With great passion, and together with our customers, we are continuously developing new applications of Endumax to provide our customers with the best possible solutions.

Unprecedented versatility

Endumax is a versatile product with many possibilities. It can be used in products for various market segments, and we are co-developing new applications every day. It is this versatility that makes Endumax so great: we can co-create sustainable solutions for almost every need. Because we are constantly improving Endumax, we know exactly what it is capable of and what its possibilities are. This extensive knowledge allows us to be the experts on high-performance fiber and tape materials we aim to be. With Endumax we strive to be the best on both product and service level. Our constant drive is to (co-)develop new applications and increase our product performance.

Your Endumax team.

General Manager Endumax
Mr. Michel Dupont
+31 6 51 50 67 40