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Endumax-based PROtect LOOPX tape wins Pittman Innovation Award 2014


One of our client’s newest innovations has recently been awarded Sail Magazine’s Pittman Innovation Award 2014. Endumax has made a significant contribution to the success of PROtect LOOPX tape, which is used for applications in sailing, racing, cruising and super yachts.

PROtect LOOPX tape combines 76-micron pressure-sensitive tape with high-strength fibers. The thin and strong adhesive holds the longitudinal fibers in the desired position and guarantees the adhesion between layers in a loop. The fibers are extremely light, just 930 grams per 10,000 linear meters, which creates an extremely high strength-on-weight basis.

An effective solutionLoopx tape_smaller
Ultra-strong, easy to use and very practical, PROtect LOOPX offers an effective solution for loop construction. With LOOPX, high-load loops such as bobstays, runner attachments and soft attach blocks – or small loops with high strength – no longer require a complex sequence of operations, or complicated steps and tools.

Strongest tape in the market
PROtect LOOPX contains Teijin Aramid’s Endumax tape, which is a thin, ultra-strong tape with a very high modulus and high cut and wear resistance. Endumax is suitable for a wide range of applications, ranging from ballistic plates and panels, to ropes, cables and nets. Endumax is weight for weight the strongest available tape in the market and, due to a low UHMWPE creep and high modulus, it offers high dimensional stability at very low weight, which makes it ideal for our client’s application in the PROtect LOOPX tape. Endumax has a low polymer density of 0.99g/cm², which ensures it floats on water and, whilst it is a flexible synthetic material, the inherent stiffness of Endumax provides a high responsiveness and direct contact between payload and operator.

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