Endumax® is our newest high performance material. A thin, ultra strong tape with a very high modulus, high cut and wear resistance, suitable for a wide range of applications.


Our Endumax® is suitable for a wide range of applications

Nice! Below you see an impression of the Herculight S cargo container, with newly developed Endumax panels! https://t.co/QVR5fqORvi
Proud to let you know Zodiac made use of Endumax panels for the relaunch of their Herculight S cargo containers! See https://t.co/5SNs6bVIpz
Proud to announce the reinforcement of Endumax in the Herculight S air cargo container! See https://t.co/2hqY3U6PiO https://t.co/iAXikLnVWP